• latest news

    • Star Wars Animation ProjectThis Blender Project has been in the process on and off for the last two years and I'm finally nearing the end. Be sure to look out for my latest animations to see my latest work.
    • Interactive VR projectI'm currently building an interactive environment for a VR experience.

What I Do

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

    I offer years of experience with environment modeling and layout, industrial modeling, character modeling and animation, physics simulations and more. Check out my various galleries of work through the portfolio section.

  • Development for Interactive Media

    When it comes to creating interactive media whether it's games, environmental interaction or practical applications, I've created multiple projects that showcase my ability to implement 3D content into an interactive experience.

  • Website Development

    As a computer science new media grad I have had extensive exposure to programming languages and web development. If you're needing a website built from scratch, or just maintained, I could be a great candidate.