Molecular Physics Simulations

Physics engines in 3D rendering software are increasingly becoming more advanced, allowing for more accuracy, special effects, new elements and more.

Most of these clips are from Blender, but I've also included a couple of hardware and software renders from Autodesks Softimage. These results were not easy to create and the techniques used in order to achieve these results were done using an array of advanced methods through blender's new molecular script, python programming, node density adaptation, game engine sensors, controllers and actuators.
I utilized both CPU and GPU rendering for this project. Some rendered clips will have a slightly lower quality to them than others. This is a prime example of using a lower sample rate with CPU rendering vs harnessing the power of GPU rendering.
Credit goes to PyroEvil for the molecular plugin. I did alter the molecular script for experimentation purposes using Python to improve the link-cell methods and overall molecular dynamics through symplectic integration to better simulate friction, tension, motion vectors, collision detection, and gravity.

Created 2013