Character Modeling

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Everyone knows this character as Sonic the Hedgehog, who originated on the Sega Genesis. Rendered with Maya Software. Created 2011

  • Classic Pose

    Sonic's famous signature pose.

  • Intense Pose

    An intense pose and ready to spring into action.

  • Super Sonic

    Super Sonic invincible!

  • Sonic Front Pose

    Sonic in 'T' Pose from the front.

  • Sonic Rear Pose

    Sonic 'T' Pose from the rear.

  • Uziel Mech

    The Uziel Mech from the Mechwarrior game series. Rendered with Mental Ray. Created 2010

  • Uziel Pose 2

    The Uziel Mech suddenly notices a disturbance and turns to look.

  • Uziel Pose 3

    Uziel slowly approaching victim.