Flying Demo

This program, written in C++ demonstrates storing a camera position and direction in a matrix then moving the camera around using a basic airplane mechanism. The main loop consists of a render frame, then it builds the mountainous scene using a procedural programming approach, then applies parallax occluded mapping for the mountain and water textures.

This program does not have collision detection in place for the mountains. The purpose of the application was treated more as an occlusion culling test for sub-pixel geometry.

This is a full screen simulation, so here are the controls:

W or (Up Arrow): Increase speed forward     
S or (Down Arrow): Increase speed in reverse
A or (Left Arrow): Pan Left                 
D or (Right Arrow): Pan Right              
Spacebar: Forces Immediate Stop
Q: Raises the height of the camera
+: Raises height of sea level
-: Decreases height of sea level
ESC: Stop Simulation

To download the exe, click here